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        1. Xinhui Aged Sun-dried Tangerine Peel

          發布時間: 2020/9/30 13:29:00

            In Xinhui of Guangdong Province, the production of dried tangerine peel has more than 700 years of history. Xinhui aged sun-dried tangerine peel is made from Xinhui orange. It is believed that "hindered-year-old tangerine peel is more valuable than a piece of gold" and "it take millennium to grow ginseng and 100 years to obtain tangerine peel". The steps to make Xinhui aged sun-dried tangerine peel are as follows: to cut the orange peel into three equal parts with the base connecting to each other and then turn it over and lay drying in the sunlight or bake it in the oven for storage. Those produced in the alluvial plain of Tanjiang River Basin, especially along the Yinzhou Lake, are considered of the best quality.


            Xinhui aged sun-dried tangerine peel has a slightly sweet and pungent taste. When used in cooking, it enhances the aroma and gives a pleasant aftertaste. It is a versatile and popular dietary product that has health benefits for different groups of people and is suitable for different seasons. In spring, its warm attributes can foster the function of spleen and stomach. In summer, it can solve digestion problem by relieving intestinal gas and bloating and dampness. In autumn and winter, it can bu used to regulate qi, increase blood flow and stimulate digestive system. Used as a traditional seasoning in Chinese cooking and traditional medicine, Xinhui aged sun-dried tangerine peel creates a unique food culture that integrates delicacy with health benefits.(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)


            Editor Jiang Shuo)


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