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        1. Hanshou Yubi Lotus Root

          發布時間: 2020/10/14 14:48:00



            Hanshou has a long history in lotus root cultivation, dating back to the early Tang Dynasty. The cultivation flourished in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, and the lotus root has been selected as the tribute. According to history records, Zhu Yijun, Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, was impressed by the tender, crisp and fresh taste of the lots root, which was a tribute from Longyang (now Hanshou)。 Because the appearance was as white as jade in a shape like arms, resembling the white arms of young ladies, he named the food "Yubi Lotus Root".


            Hanshou County is located in the Dongting Lake Plain of Northern Hunan Province. It is located in the key center between land and water. The climate is warm and humid, with abundant rainfall and sufficient light. Especially from June to September, the average daily light reaches eight hours, which is consistent with the growth period of Hanshou Yubi lotus root. Sufficient rain and light increased the photosynthesis of lotus leaves on the water surface, and promoted the accumulation of soluble sugar and water in the lotus root. As a result, although grown in mud, it has clean texture, white skin and flesh, knotted but straight and big body. It has a crisp and tender texture, sweet and non-fibery taste.(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)


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