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        1. Chinese copyright registration up 24.3% in 2021

          發布時間: 2022/4/11 11:11:00

            On March 23, the National Copyright Administration of China issued the Circular on China's Copyright Registration in 2021, announcing the year's data on works registrations, software registrations, and copyright pledges. According to the Circular, a total of 6,264,378 copyrights were registered, up 24.30%; 3,983,943 from works registration, up 20.13%; 2,280,063 from software registration, up 32.34%.

            In the sector of works registration, the growth was steady in 2021, with Beijing pacing all provinces with 1,025,511, accounting for 25.74% of the total and Hunan, Hebei, Yunan and Anhui provinces all registering over 100% rates. Breaking down to the types of works, art works (1,670,092) contributed the most, devouring 41.92% of the total, followed by photographic works (1,553,318), written works (295,729) and film/television works (244,538), representing 38.99%, 7.42% and 6.14% respectively. All of them combined contributed 94.47% to the grand total.

            In the sector of software registration, a total of 2,280,063 were registered in 2021, up 32.34%. Geography-wise, a total of 1.44 million examples were originated from the eastern part of the country, conquering 63.1% of the total. The front runners were Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Shandong, Hubei, Fujian, and Shaanxi, combined for 1.63 million or 71.5% of the total. The top performer Guangdong scored 270,000 or 11.8% of the total.

            In terms of copyright pledges, in 2021, there were 372 pledges registered, down 3.13%, with 340 from software, up 3.98% and 340 from contracts, up 3.98%.(by Dou Xinying)

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